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stephie   in reply to MammaMellow   on

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Hi. I'm a single mom so I can't help with money but I wanted to tell you that you should call different churches and government places (food stamp office) and they should be able to tell you if there is any places in your city that help with rent. you may not get a lot and it's a lot of running around but it's worth it and maybe the complex won't kick you out if you come up with some of it. Also if you were illegally evicted you should sue them in small claims court as soon as possible (you have 3 yrs i think to file a claim) but they would have to pay you a lot of money for doing that (i watch a LOT of peoples court. even if they don't owe you a deposit they have to pay for evicting you illegally. hope i helped a little.

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stephie   in reply to midnight11   on

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It may not be your ideal choice but one of the cheapest things to do is to get them all taken out and get dentures. Also see if there is any dental schools near you. they do work for a lesser amount. Maybe try a loan (but if your like me your credits shot.) sorry i couldn't be more help.

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stephie   in reply to damm good mama   on

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I'm guessing by the fact that your stuggling you might be on some government assistance. If not you should see about medical card and ktap(welfare, tanf) you should have a local cabinet for families and children. I started there when my kids dad did the same thing. They put you in touch with people to collect child support. There's probably already a court order so you may be able to sign an indictment out on him and put him in jail. It's not the nicest thing to do, but neither is leaving your babies to suffer( him not you. I know your trying your best.) And believe me it makes you feel a lot better knowing he's not roaming the streets living it up while your a emotional, physical and financial wreck. Hang in there girl. Those kids are worth all the heartache we're going through now.

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stephie   in reply to soulight   on


Hi. My story is not as sad as some and I almost feel bad trying to find help here. If anyone knows any places in Bowling Green, KY that will help with a major car repair (cam shaft, locked up motor) please let me know. I am a single mother of 3 children and i work in a fast food restaurant. I just bought the car 2 months ago with my tax refund, so I'm tapped out for cash. We have some sort of public transportation, but it doesn't go everywhere and has awful time constraints. As a result I can't work as much as I was and I can't make it to any dr.s, food stamp or any appts that me or my kids have. Any help to get me started on my search would be helpful.

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